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Medical and Integrated Health Services
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Medical and Integrated Health Services

In view of aging population and the community’s increasing needs, the Kuk has expanded medical services to serve the general public by amending the Po Leung Kuk Ordinance to include medical services. The amendment is effective from 1 June 2014.

Po Leung Kuk No.1 Integrated Health Centre

A self-financed No. 1 Integrated Health Centre offering family medicine service, Chinese medical service, physiotherapy and dental services. In order to make the services closer to the needs of the community, we have been gradually introducing specialist consultation.

Family Medicine Service

Consultation fee of Family Medicine Service is $45 (including 3 days of basic medicine). For people aged 65 or above, recipients of Comprehensive Social Security Allowance/Disability Allowance and other low-income people, the service is provided free of charge.

Chinese Medical Service

Consultation fee of Chinese Medical Service is $120 (including 2 doses of Chinese medicine granules). Discount will be offered to people aged 65 or above. Acupuncture and bone setting treatments are also provided.

Physiotherapy Service

The fee of physiotherapy service is $280 per session (30-45 minutes).

Dental Service

The dental surgery room in the Centre is equipped with advanced dental equipment and computerised system. The clinic aims to provide quality dental service, including oral checkup, dental x-ray, scaling, filing, extraction and denture, to the general public.

Address: 17/F., Prince Edward-The Lamma City, 761 Nathan Road, Kowloon
Enquiry: 2390 2711

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Po Leung Kuk Chinese Medicine Mobile Clinics

Po Leung Kuk Chinese Medicine Mobile Clinics provide services at different locations in Hong Kong, mainly in public housing estates. The Clinics aim to provide quality, convenient and low-cost Chinese medical services to the community. Reception area, consultation room, acupuncture bed, Chinese medicine cabinet and wheelchair lift are available in the Clinic. Services include general practice and acupuncture, and Chinese medicine granules would be provided to the users. Consultation fee of Chinese Medicine Service for people aged 65 or above is $60; others are $80 (including 2 doses of Chinese Medicine granules).

Po Leung Kuk Helen S.M. Fong Chinese Medicine Mobile Clinic

Enquiry: 6515 8181

Po Leung Kuk Margaret Choi Chinese Medicine Mobile Clinic

Enquiry: 6515 6262

Po Leung Kuk Mr. & Mrs. S.F. Lee Charity Fund Chinese Medicine Mobile Clinic

Enquiry: 6515 6363


Dental service for disabilities

Po Leung Kuk has set up an examination/treatment room in self-financed premises - Tin Ka Ping Rehabilitation Support Centre. This treatment room is equipped with special dental chair accessible by people on wheel chair, X-ray system, sterilization oven and special pumping system, etc. It began to provide service including scaling, filling and extraction of teeth to residents of the Kuk’s rehabilitation homes and members of rehabilitation centres. The dental service is procured from a private dental company.

Address of the Tin Ka Ping Rehabilitation Support Centre: Wing A & B, G/F, Hin Fu House, Hin Keng Estate, Shatin, New Territories

Enquiry: 3525 1013