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2015 助養網頁

Po Leung Kuk Child Sponsors’ Day (Chinese version available)

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Join Hands in Fostering Harmonious Families

The Kuk's Residential Child Care Units take care of children facing family problems. The children are arranged to live in either the living units at the Kuk's Headquarters, or Small Group Homes in public housing estates. Every living unit is called a House. Each House is like a family, in which children are like"brothers" and "sisters" who help one another, and there are "parents" to take care of their needs. The Kuk now has over 20 Houses under its Residential Child Care Services, with 16 to 18 children in each House at the Kuk's Headquarters, and 8 to 9 children per Small Group Home.

Launched in 1961, the child Sponsorship Programme aims to help the Kuk's children experience the concern and love from the community and to promote the message of "Harmonious Family". Through this sponsorship programme, the community will get to know the work of Po Leung Kuk better, as well as to generate revenue to provide and enhance services for families and children.

Join the Sponsorship Program at only HK$3.3 per day

A sponsor may financially support more than one child or house simultaneously and likewise a child or a house may be supported by more than one sponsor at the same time.

Types of Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship

  • Sponsor with allocation of child can visit his/her sponsored child(ren) in the Kuk after attending the sponsorship orientation programme.
  • Sponsor can bring one to two companion(s) on every visit.
  • Sponsor can indicate the gender & age of whom the child(ren) he / she wishes to be allocated with for our reference.
  • Sponsorship Commitment: Annual sponsorship fee is HK$1,200 for each child.

House Sponsorship

  • To be the"Sunny Family Ambassador" / "Sunny Corporation Ambassador"
  • Sponsor will receive a certificate of appreciation and newsletters on activities of the Houses.
  • Sponsors can participate in activities related to the Houses organized by the Kuk and meet with the children.
  • Sponsorship Commitment: HK$1,200 yearly per House for Individual Sponsorship, HK$1,800 yearly per House for Family Sponsorship, HK$5,000 yearly per House for Group / Corporate Sponsorship.

Use of sponsorship

All revenue generated from the sponsorship programme will be dedicated towards the welfare of children and families. With your sponsorship, we are able to:

  • Improve facilities in children's dormitories

- provide children with more comfortable living environments by installing devices such as air-coolers in the dormitories

  • Enhance medical care service for children

- set up medical rooms and dental rooms, arrange children to receive vaccines

  • Establish Para-medical and Counselling Team

- take care of the children's physical and psychological needs by providing them with professional services from clinical psychologists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and nurses.

  • Enhance recreational and developmental programmes for children

- provide a variety of developmental and explorative activities to cultivate children's interest and potentials.


Join the Programme


Simply download and complete the and send it together with a crossed cheque, pay-in slip (original copy) or credit card information to Sponsorship Section, Po Leung Kuk, 66 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.